What golf teaches us about life?

Justin Thomas took home the Wannamaker trophy as the 2022 PGA Champion. Many experts thought Scottie Scheffler would be the winner but he missed the cut meaning he didn’t get to play over the weekend. It is often said, ”that is why they play the game”. Others would say, ”It just wasn’t his week”. Another friend remarked, ”You can prepare well but you can’t control the variables.”

Last week, I wrote about how the first three verses on Psalms 23. Here is the link https://thankfulinallthings.com/musings-on-psalms-23/ if you don’t subscribe (which I hope you will ?) or missed it. We must first acknowledge that the Lord is our shepherd who does not want us to want for anything. Golf like Life is hard and times can be tough at times. Therefore, God makes us rest and provides times of peace so that we can strive to walk the paths of righteousness with our souls refreshed. Why? Because the circumstances of life will come which we won’t have control of the outcome. That is when we must be able to trust that our Shepherd or a caddy/coach for a golfer is there to protect, provide comfort, and lead us out of the adversity that has come our way.

Each golfer has a yardage book for every course on which they play. It shows the exact distance to every place on each hole This book helps the player hit the right shot so that it avoids any hazard that has been placed between the tee and the green. The more the golfer plays a course, the more notes are written so they can better understand the best way to achieve success. The bible is our yardage book for life. The more we read it and take notes on what it teaches for each life situation, the better we will know how to live life well. When we are challenged we can choose to trust and not fear. We can find peace and comfort knowing God is with us whether walking by still waters or facing the valley of the shadow of death.

Believe it or not John 11:44 can provide a golf and life lesson at the same time as well. The well known story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, ends with Jesus saying to his friends and family, “now take off his dead clothes off so he can go home.” You see, Lazarus arms and legs were bound to his body so he couldn’t free himself without others help. In golf, there might be a few things that hinder you from hitting the ball properly. We need others who we trust to help us correct our mechanics allowing our swing to be freed up to hit the proper shot. Jesus teaches that we need others to help us live our lives well. Yes, we have the yardage book called the bible but it was not a mistake that He sent the disciples out in twos. https://biblehub.com/niv/mark/6.htm We need others to encourage us so we can be free to live the life God intended for each of us. We also desire folks who have our best interests in mind to help us correct our life mechanics so we can become the best version of ourselves.

Let’s all go out this week asking others to help us take off the things that restrain us from living the way God intends for us to live. Let’s also be willing to be that trusted friend who helps strip away things that keeps someone from living their best life.

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  1. Another excellent blog post…thank you Michael! God bless you, Debbie

    1. Thank you Robin. Getting this feedback encourages me that Writing these each week are helpful to others as well as myself

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