We are no doubt in a crisis, how are you responding

Thanks to my son, I heard a great sermon by Carl Lentz-https://youtu.be/cx9bT9LGwZA He shared about three friends who were held up at gun point. He used what happened to share this Palm Sunday pressure message. “When faced w a crisis one can do 4 things. 1) Freak out, 2) Freeze up, 3)Flee…or 4) Face it head on with the faith God has given us to trust Him with the outcome.”  My question today is “How are you dealing with the challenges of Covid-19?”

As you know, I have written about choices in other entries here and that we all need to take our own responsibility for what our attitude looks like. Each of us has the opportunity to be a true champion. Doing what it takes to be one, no matter whether it is home, at work, or striving to make a difference in our every day world. It takes us having a PRIDE in how we live our lives no matter what obstacles we face. I think of pride as being Personally Responsible for our Individual Daily Effort. It is a matter of chose. It is always a matter of chose. ThankS to many of you for being real life examples of choosing hope vs despair, trust vs fear, gratitude vs wantedness. You are figuring out the How because you know Who provides the strength to see the  Joy through the sorrow As Psalm 30:5 says,”Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.“

Our identity has been shaken because of Covid-19. We are asking, “do I really trust God with the outcome? Will me and my family get through this OK? Why am I feeling anxiety? We need to look back to look forward. The Bible uses the word remember 130 times in the Old Testament and more than 30 times in the New. So, remind yourself from where does help come. Psalm 121:1 “ I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord,the Maker of heaven and earth..” Be encouraged that He wants to clothe us with a new identity. One that restores to us the abundant life he has always wanted for us. As we face whatever crisis you face due to COVID-19, may we look for a fresh revelation of his love for us. Allow it to guide you into greater depths of faith. Remembering out of adversity comes strength and that what you once thought was weakness God will use for good.

I read a devotional Randy Wolfe wrote where he shares this story. “An old Indian chief told his son that there are two wolves that live within us. One is full of fear and doubt that wants to destroy and kill. The other is filled with confidence, faith, and assurance. “Which wolf wins?” asked the young son. His dad said, “The one you feed the most.” Carl Lentz says we have a choice when faced with a crisis. The Indian chief is making the same point to his son. “No matter what our tough times look like from one year to the next, we have a decision to make. Interesting that the only exhortation the bible uses more than remember is “Do not Fear.” So today, remember, feed your faith not your fear

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