It started with a cold…..

I rarely get sick for which I have always been grateful but which gave me no concept for what it meant to be really sick. You can support others through their injuries or illnesses but you can never know what if feels like to lose control of your health. Well now I do. If you have read my first two posts, you know that I am now more than 6 months into my recovery from Guillain Barre It started with cold which I expected to last its normal couple of days. I didn’t get better so I went to the doctor on 2/25 and was assured I was on the back end of it. Little did I know that this was not the case. I battled through a busy week which included our company’s annual awards celebration which takes a lot of time because the evening to go quite well. Dottie knew something wasn’t right because I came home extremely tired and went right to bed. Friday AM I woke up and realized something wasn’t right. My legs felt heavy and I found it hard to grip even my coffee cup that morning. As the day went by, I wasn’t any better. It felt like my feet were in cans of cement as I tried to get up the steps at the office that afternoon. I called my doc who said 🙂 “at your age” you might want to go to the ER so off I went to a local medical facility with my wife not too far behind. Given it was flu season, the place was a mad house. We say for 2 1/2 hours with masks on our faces waiting to be seen. finally, we got in and they did several tests and gave me an IV. After all was said and done, the ER physician sent me home saying I had a very low viral count and that i was probably a bit dehydrated. He assured me I would even be able to go the UVA basketball game the next day as we had new friends coming up from Williamsburg. How wrong he was….Dottie drove me home and as I got our of the car and took the 1st step into our home, our lives as we had known it was going to change in a significant way thanks to my body losing the first battle caused by Guillain Barre. I fell and found myself saying, “Dottie, I have fallen and i can’t get up……

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