How do you keep yourself energized?

Charles Stanley-“Whether or not we affect our world positively depends on the focus of our heart. Do you look inward to consider how you can do more to get ahead and add to your lot in life? Or do you look outward and think about ways that you can do more to serve others?”I posted this recently as one of my daily social media posts. My new Instagram friend Jeff asked me this question, “Is not a balance needed? Can one give what one does not have?” my answer was this, “burnout is a real phenomena, That is why we need to be continually filling ourselves with God‘s love through the Holy Spirit.” I really appreciated him asking me the question as I had already been preparing this message. It came from a devotional from Ashley Headley using her morning cup of coffee. Wait! A cup of coffee.

She wrote, “You can’t pour fresh coffee into a cup already full.” First there is no room for more and second, the fresh taste would be spoiled by the staleness of what was left over from yesterday. God wants us to experience the sweet taste of His abundance. Ashley continues, “Like my morning cup of Joe, God wants to pour His Word, a fresh anointing, and a fresh blessing into us every day.” Like an already full cup, our lives are too full with the distractions of the world. What do we need to empty out so God can have room to give us a fresh perspective on life?” Pastor Jeff was right. We we need to continually replenish ourselves with all He has to offer so we can be the best versions of ourselves. It needs to be a restoration of ourselves vs a renovation project. What is the difference? A renovation makes everything new, fresh, and shiny whereas a restoration brings something back to its original purpose. In this case, when we allow ourselves to stop chasing what the world says is success, we can return to to the beautiful fact that we were all created to be in a relationship with God. We can go about emptying ourselves throughout the day desiring to serve and love others as God loves us. That way we can return each morning with our cup empty so we can experience Psalm 119:103 “How sweet are your words to my taste, [O Lord Jesus,] sweeter than honey (or a fresh cup of coffee) to my mouth” Bill Gautierre sums it up this way. “I meditated on God’s promises and received nourishment for my soul. I prayed them and was strengthened to love my neighbor as the Lord loves me.” May you be encouraged To “put your confidence in God; rely on His Spirit; let the streams of His Living Waters flow into you and through you” (John 7:38-39).

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