What if you were given the Code

A couple weeks ago I listened to Alpha$IXX on Clubhouse ask the question “If it is really important, “wouldn’t you want to be given or figure out the code?” It came after #riseandgrind Glenn Lundy asked three questions on three different days that week. 1) What do I actually believe I can accomplish in my life? 2) What if it actually happened? And 3) Who loses if I don’t try to become the best version of me? Alpha$IXX used the analogy of someone standing on one side of a tall gate with a desire to be able to gain access to what was on the other side. Stop for a moment or for, as I did, a few days and think about what the other side represents to you.

What if you really believed that getting inside that gate would allow you to actually accomplish what you truly want for your life? Wouldn’t you do anything to figure out the code to the gate. There are many ways that could be done but the best way is to find someone who already knows the code. Someone who cares and wants you to have everything this life has for you. It made me think of all the athletes who are striving to make the Olympics right now. Watching Zach Harting make the Olympic swim team was an example of this concept. Since he was 7 he stood outside the gate thinking about becoming an Olympic athlete. He shared his feelings about the thrill of it actually happening. He had realized the code through those who coached him along the way. As he thought about winning his spot on the team, he answered question 3 by saying, “I will not let you down” If he had not tried to realize his dream, so many would not have felt the thrill of his realizing the code and watching the gate to Tokyo open for him. How many of us stand outside the gate every day wishing it would open but not doing anything to find someone or some way to gain access? It takes stepping forward out of our fear, lack of confidence, or complacency for us to have a chance to experience our own dreams being realized.

What does the gate represent for you? On this Father’s Day weekend, is it that you want the ability to be the best parent you can be? Does it mean you want to be a better son or daughter? Like Zach Harting, Is it that you want to achieve greater success in your endeavors or your business? No matter the dream, finding someone you trust who knows the code is easier than trying to figure out the code on your own. Someone or a group of people that can help you through what I call the 6 D’s of becoming a better version of yourself. It starts with the DREAM. You then need to DESIGN the plan and DEVELOP strategies to accomplish the Plan. The next two DESIRE and DISCIPLINE will launch you toward the DESTINATION you envisioned as only a dream at first.

So what is stopping you? Why can’t this new version of you start today? Think about your own 6 D’s. Ask yourself the questions What should I keep doing? What things or thoughts do I need to stop? What new practices can I start? Device to cross the T off I Can’t and have an attitude of I CAN because you believe in yourself. Think about and be motivated by what it will feel like when your gate opens and all the people that will benefit because you with the help of others figured out the Code.

In my next blog post, I will share my own thoughts on finding the Code and what it has done to fulfill my life and hopefully make an impact on others. Please subscribe to this blog if you want to get email notification when new content is posted. You can reach me by email at michael@mrg7175.com

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is such a great post! I heard that episode of Breakfast with Champions and was talking to my son about it this morning (we took a long walk together) really great stuff! I love your idea of the 6 D’s of becoming a better version of myself, and I am going to put that in my notebook where I take my notes.

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