The doctor was right, it did get worse

After my doctor friend’s visit, I really don’t remember much about that first Saturday. I am guessing it is because we were pretty much in shock. I have always been a pretty healthy person. In fact, this was my 1st overnight stay in the hospital since I had my tonsils out when I was 5 or 6. I woke up Sunday morning (Day 2) not being able to move anything but my head and a couple fingers and toes on my right side. Things had indeed gotten worse. Although my body not working, I don’t remember being scared but that changed when we met with the neurologist for the 1st time. After he did his assessment, his words, “we are gravely concerned” got my attention. He then said “there is a 78% chance you will be on a ventilator w a breathing tube within the next 24 to 48 hours. Tears streamed down my face and like I could do anything about it i said, “that is not going to happen.” I believe the prayers of many people intervened as thankfully, the tide of the effect of Guillain Barre stopped my shoulders and did not impact my respiratory system. Every time the respiratory therapists came in I made sure to pass the suck/blow tests with flying colors. One humorous side note. I had never gotten a flu shot thinking “why allow a virus into my body when I never get sick?” UVA is a teaching hospital so many folks came in to examine me. Everyone asked, “did you have a flu shot?” I thought they were trying to make me feel guilty. Like if I had gotten one, this wouldn’t have happened. It turns out it was the exact opposite. Next time you get your flu shot, read the fine print. It turns out, getting a flu shot can cause the Guillain Barre Syndrome. This crazy, rare, and scary health ordeal had taken its toll. Doctors and nurses were clear. I needed to be strong and patient as this was not going to be a short or easy stay on North wing at UVA. It was time for Dottie and me to start leaning on our faith and the amazing support of friends and family.

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