Simple lessons learned from a sunrise.

Last week I was blessed to spend several days at the beach. For those who follow me on Facebook,, you saw the post showing I enjoyed every sunrise while I was there. The last morning my mind clicked in on how a sunrise teaches me to begin and live out the day that it starts. Taking in all what comes with a sunrise (attach video) brought a fresh perspective of my morning routine. Side note, if you need one check out Glenn Lundy’s Morning 5. The Morning 5 | Glenn Lundy
I am sure what I will write here came from earlier in the week reading a devotional and then writing about how we need to be ready to be replenished every day so that we can be the best version of ourselves. Last week I learned from a simple cup of coffee (if you missed it click here I have a Code to Life, what is yours? – Thankful in all Things)and this week how I am to live is more clearly focused as I think about sunrises and what they teach us.
First, there is something special about getting up early. If you don’t, you miss the beauty of a new day dawning. You also realize that you are amongst a select few that make the effort to greet and get ready for whatever God has in store for you. I have found rushing into the day without settling into it first, makes for more frenetic day no matter what is on the schedule. It allows us to remain in the quiet presence of God even as we enter the noise of our schedule. I love the Martin Luther quote when he was asked how do you prepare for the busiest of days? While most of us rationalize spending less time w God because of our schedule, he answered, “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”
Second, I watched as people walked or ran along the beach without stopping to take in the beauty the God of the Universe was creating. How many times throughout the day are we just so busy, so tunnel visioned, that we miss opportunities that present themselves right in front of us. Wow! Why be up early and down on the beach and not stop to experience all that moment in time has to offer.
Finally, it reminds me of the way the Lord allows me to reset each and every day. No matter how I may have messed up or failed at something yesterday, the sun rising shows me that it is a new day and out of the darkness will once again come the light. That I am free to confess whatever I did wrong or how I might have let someone else down. When I do, the God who sends the sun each and every morning will forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness so that I might be renewed. (1John 1:9) That way, I can move forward into the day thankful for all things but most importantly for the God who loves me and you.
Jesus, thanks for coming to live amongst us so that we can learn that it is not about being religious but about a personal relationship with God because of you. Thank you that you give us that opportunity. As we watch our next sunrise, may each of us decide to renew ourselves in you. Like the sunrise creates a new day, create us more and more into your image so that we might take advantage of what you want to do in their lives. I summed up last week in this way
A week of sun rises has come and gone, 

A great way to start each day enjoying the break. 

The consistency of it and the waves coming in/going out,

Shows me what my life should be about. 

Reflecting first on God’s work in my life

and then when it’s time stepping out to bring peace not strife. 

Let me serve you Lord in all that I do 

Let my actions toward others show that I love You.

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