Ready, Fire, Aim! What can go wrong when we get things out of order.

I have continued to ponder the importance of knowing on where should be your focus. Simon Sinek call this “Knowing what is your Why?” Rick Warren would argue it is as having a Purpose filled Life. Understanding who we were created to be makes it much easier to focus on how we are to go about becoming that person. The challenge is to stay true to your principles, so we don’t get distracted or waylaid by others or our circumstances.

John 8:31,32 says our Focus should be on the Truth of God’s Word. I love how it says it “sets us free”. But free from what? There are many explanations of what this statement means. I have used it to mean, that knowing God created me and my life is completed in my relationship with Him, allows me to not worry what others might think of my faith. I live with a desire to serve others confident I can trust that God is in control of the outcome.

Are you living your life with a Ready, Fire, Aim mentality? If so, unless you are really lucky, you will miss the mark of what you want for your life and those around you. The consequence of continually missing the mark is your persistence to hit your target will diminish. The more you miss the target, the less you will try because you think it is not worth your effort.

Are you missing the mark? It is not too late to change the order. 1) Decide you are Ready to live life the way you were created to live it. Acknowledge the nudging that there has to be more to your life that you are currently experiencing. Be willing to admit that maybe everything is not in your control. 2) Take Aim at the target. Think about what it is you really want to achieve in life. Acknowledge it is not just about experiencing success but leaving a legacy of significance.

Bob Buford digs into this concept in his book Finishing Well. 3) Once you find yourself Ready and you have taken Aim, Act (Fire) with the confidence that what you choose to do will make a positive difference in those who will benefit from your actions. The secret to your success will be your persistence. Remember the old adage “if you at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.” There are many with wonderful life plans that never achieved them because they gave up on their dreams. They gave up on the 99th chop into a tree not realizing with the 100th the tree would have fallen. Knowing the truth about your purpose (your Why) keeps setbacks or naysayers from causing you to not achieve your ultimate goal.

Like Ready, Aim, Fire, practice Listen, See, and Feel. Listen to the words that come out of your mouth. Do they sound like things that show your confidence in what you plan to do? See you actions. Are you doing the things that will allow you to achieve your purpose? Are your daily actions moving you toward your ultimate goal? How does it Feel to be doing what you have planned? If you are working toward your true purpose (your why) no matter how hard, it should rejuvenate versus wear you out

My hope is you will take the time to understand how your life is best lived and then embark on the journey that will result in you living that life of significance that causes you to have no regret and where God will say, “Well done good and faithful servant” Maybe like Queen Elizabeth, a double rainbow will prepare the way for you too. 🙂

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